Product Customization, Bespoke & O.E.M Work

Customizing Standard Product Designs

When computing prices for custom length handles using per-inch prices, multiply the price per inch times the overall length, rounded up to the nearest whole inch.

How to Calculate Product Pricing with Custom Lengths:

    • An L246 pull prices at $39.78 per inch for custom lengths.
    • Should you like to have this design in a 22″ overall length, the list price is calculated 22 x $39.78 = $875.16 List price.
    • If you prefer an 844 handle that is 23.5” overall, the price calculation would be $39.78 X 24” = $954.72 list price.  We always round the overall desired length up to the next full inch.
    • Please Note:
      • Custom items that are BELOW the overall length of the shortest standard length may still cost more due to the custom nature of this manufacturing process.
      • On customized designs manufacturing time will likely extend beyond our normal manufacturing time.
      • For changes on standard sizes other than overall dimensions, such as center-to-center, post length, etc, please contact customer service via email, or phone, 860-489-9233.

Set Up Fee:

    • A $235.00 set-up fee applies for custom-made items manufactured in overall size increments other than half- inch or inch increments.
    • The set-up fee also applies for standard products with customized projections and other customizations of the standard product design.

Product Requiring Custom Cutting Dies:

    • For custom lengths on L270, L271, L272, L273, L275, L276, L460 and L711’s, in the event we have NOT already crafted the custom size desired, a $250.00 cutting die charge will be added to the cost. The cutting die will be used to cut the leather precisely to fit your custom length handle. Please contact customer service and they will advise you whether the additional die charge is required.

Custom Leather or Fabric Additions

    • If you prefer an Edelman leather color other than our standard leather offerings, please send us the Edelman product information, the quantity and product number of the Tanner’s Craft product and any information we will need to craft the final product to your specifications.  Please be aware that of the above customization charges and that Edelman Leather has minimum order quantities that will affect pricing.
    • If you prefer another leather or fabric applied to a Tanner’s Craft design, please contact our customer service team.


Should you have any question on pricing, design or delivery questions on customizing The Tanner’s Craft standard products please contact our customer service team.

Via phone: 860-489-9233

Via email: