Where Can I See and Buy Tanner's Craft Hardware?

To find your local Tanner’s Craft showroom,  please use our Showroom Locator below or call our customer service department (860-489-9233).  We are the only decorative hardware company that actually makes what it sells – others simply pick a factory to make what they want to stock and offer as their own. And, because we make everything we offer, we can create unique pieces to fit the particular needs of your project…

Need handles with an unusual center to center measurement? We got that or will make what you need. Need a finish on your hardware that’s hard to find? Chances are we either have it – or can match it. Have a problem application that no one else can solve? If we can’t, nobody else can.

For three generations, Colonial has made the finest cabinet hardware available anywhere.

The Tanner's Craft Authorized Showroom Locator