Since 1927 the parent company of The Tanner’s Craft, Colonial Bronze Company, understood that the finest products are the result of expert craftspeople working with the finest materials and tools to create stunning products.  That is why, when we were all working to build America’s finest leather hardware brand, we reached out to Edelman Leather.

For more than four decades, Edelman Leather has been creating the world’s finest luxury leathers for the world of elegant interiors.  Edelman hides are FULL GRAIN, always European in origin.  Their hand-crafted leathers have been installed in projects ranging from high-end residential, hospitality, contract, aircraft and healthcare.  Edelman’s products are of such quality in style, color and durability, that they are specified in countless applications and always add a touch of elegance to any space.

To quote Edelman: “Quality leather doesn’t wear out; it wears in.”

It is obvious that Edelman Leather and The Tanner’s Craft were meant to partner to create elegant products for the luxury commercial and residential design world.

Every Tanner’s Craft hardware product is hand polished and plated and then elegantly finished with a piece of fine Edelman hand worked leather.  The look of a crisp metal finish accented by a soft, rich leather creates a special hardware product.

We congratulate Edelman Leather on their 40th anniversary and look forward to many more years of working together to create elegant leather hardware.

To learn more about Edelman Leather’s history, especially that of its first graphic designer, Andy Warhol, please click here.