L660 & L661 Pull Series

Product shown in Weathered Brass accented with Royal Hide Flame Leather, (WBXL3)

The L660 and L661 pull series may be used as a:

  • Cabinet pull
  • Appliance pull
  • Shower door pull
  • Door pull

Please view the L661 and L661 sizing, finish and leather options below.

All Tanner’s Craft products are available in all hand worked finishes and leathers in custom sizing.

Product Sizing Options

Item #ProjectionDiameterOverallCenter to CenterList Price
L660-41 1/4″1/2″4 1/2″4″$114.71
L660-51 1/4″1/2″5 1/2″5″$143.39
L660-61 1/4″1/2″6 1/2″6″$172.04
L660-81 1/4″1/2″8 1/2″8″$229.42
L660-101 1/4″1/2″10 1/2″10″$286.77
L660-X custom*1 1/4″1/2″Charge per inch* $30.12
The L660 pull is available in custom overall lengths up to 30″
L661-61 3/4″3/4″6 3/4″6″$223.71
L661-81 3/4″3/4″8 3/4″8″$307.08
L661-101 3/4″3/4″10 3/4″10″$383.90
L661-121 3/4″3/4″12 3/4″12″$460.68
L661-X custom*1 3/4″3/4″Charge per inch* $39.93
The L661 pull is available in custom overall lengths up to 30″

*Charge per inch is calculated by multiplying the overall size of the custom pull by the list price. 

Every Tanner’s Craft Product is Available in Every Finish and Leather Accent.

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